Don't Let Your Past Hurt Your Future

Living with a criminal record can be extremely difficult. States make criminal records available to the public by various methods, meaning that your personal information can be accessed by anybody with an internet connection and a few dollars to spend.

Obviously, this can severely limit your ability to get the job or housing you want, but a criminal record can also make other things such as professional licensing and travel difficult as well. Fortunately, we service several states that allow for the sealing or expungement of criminal records. Unfortunately, many citizens do not understand their rights, and have few resources to take advantage of these types of post-conviction remedies.

Know Your options

Various states provide several methods to deal with a criminal record, so it’s important to review the specific circumstances regarding your criminal record to determine your best options in dealing with your criminal record. Select the appropriate state below or take our free eligibility test to see how WipeRecord can help you.