Don’t Let Past Hurt Your Future

Having a criminal record in Louisiana makes life more difficult. A criminal record can restrict you from getting the job you want, obtaining housing, getting professional licenses, legally owning a firearm, qualifying for government programs, receiving student loans, and many other opportunities which would otherwise be available to you. 

When charged with a crime in the State of Louisiana, a criminal record is created and then maintained by the Louisiana State Police’s Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information. Any person with an internet connection can potentially see your record, and subsequently discriminate you because of it. 

Fortunately, Louisiana law provides for the expungement of certain conviction and arrest records, as well as the expungement of juvenile and diversion program records.

Know Your Options

Louisiana provides a few methods to deal with a criminal record, so it’s important to review the specific circumstances surrounding the offenses on your criminal record to determine your best option.

  • Louisiana Felony Expungement


    Louisiana Felony Conviction Expungement

    After enacting substantial changes to the Code of Criminal Procedure in 2014, Louisiana state law allows for the expungement of felony convictions in a few different situations. There are several requirements including a conviction-free ten-year waiting period, not being convicted of certain ineligible offenses, and so on, but this is detailed on our service page. A conviction may only be expunged once every fifteen years, except for deferred adjudication cases, but a granted order results in the arrest and conviction records held by state and local criminal record databases being fully sealed, making them inaccessible to potential employers, landlords, the general public, and most government agencies.

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  • Louisiana Diversion Expungement


    Louisiana Diversion Program Expungement

    If you were placed in some pretrial diversion or alternative sentencing program, typically for a drug offense, then you may qualify for expungement after successful completion of the program. Expungement after completion of one of these alternative sentencing programs acts the same as an expungement for a non-conviction record, meaning the records will be fully sealed, making them inaccessible to potential employers, landlords, the general public, and most government agencies.

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  • Louisiana Juvenile Expungement


    Louisiana Juvenile Record Expungement

    Juvenile cases that were ultimately dismissed may be expunged and sealed at any time. There are varying requirements amended in 2017 which depend on the type of offense, but generally you may not have any pending criminal matters for delinquent adjudications. If you do qualify, a granted order will destroy records related to the offense, and the petitioner will be allowed to deny that the crime ever occurred.

  • Louisiana Arrest Record Expungement


    Louisiana Arrest Record Expungement

    If you were arrested for a charge and your case did not result in conviction, you can petition to have those records expunged. This remedy is available for felonies and misdemeanors, so long as you meet certain requirements that are discussed in detail on this service page. The expungement fully seals the arrest records held by state and local criminal record databases, making them inaccessible to potential employers, landlords, the general public, and most government agencies.

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  • Louisiana Misdemeanor Conviction Expungement


    Louisiana Misdemeanor Conviction Expungement

    Louisiana State law additionally provides for the expungement of records for most misdemeanor convictions. Similar to felony convictions, there are many requirements that must be fulfilled to receive a granted order, but they are generally easier to meet than those for felony convictions. The effect of expunging misdemeanor conviction records is also the same as felony convictions – fully sealing all related records.

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This Information is for You

Since the majority of people reading this aren’t lawyers, we’ve tried to simplify the legal jargon on our website, so regular people may follow along and get the information needed to understand their rights. However, before we get started, we should be clear that some of this information can get complicated, and, in many cases, it’s best to seek the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

To help you understand your rights, our lawyers have developed a tool that can be helpful in figuring out your options. This tool can’t be perfectly accurate in every situation, but our lawyers have invested substantial time and resources working to make it as accurate as possible.

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Legal Effect of Louisiana Criminal Record Removal

The two biggest issues our law firm's clients encounter relate to obtaining employment and restoring firearm rights, so we're going to discuss each.
  • How will expunging my conviction or arrest record help me get a job?


    Whether it be for a conviction, non-conviction, juvenile, or diversion program criminal record, expungement is currently the best option for increasing your chances at obtaining employment with a criminal record.

    An expungement of any kind in Louisiana allows the petitioner to deny the existence of any records, or that they have had any past offense expunged. The records are not available to the general public, employers, landlords, and so on, thereby opening many more avenues for potential opportunities. But law enforcement and certain government agencies will have access.

    In terms of arrest record expungement, while arrests are typically not as much of a barrier to employment as a conviction, it’s certainly preferable when prior arrests do not appear during a background check, particularly if the offense is severe. For conviction, juvenile, or diversion program records, expungement is undoubtedly the best option provided by Louisiana State law.

  • Will expunging my conviction and arrest records restore my Second Amendment right to own and possess a firearm?


    If (1) the offense was not a crime of violence, (2) it’s been ten years since completion of the sentence, and (3) the offense has been expunged – then yes. Louisiana state law restricts the possession of firearms to anyone convicted of a crime of violence, felony weapons or drug offense, or sex offense. However, this does not apply if ten years have passed since the completion of your sentence – although you will still be prohibited from firearm possession and ownership under federal law. 

    In order for your rights to be fully restored under federal law, Louisiana must remove all restrictions on each one of your civil rights. This includes the right to obtain a concealed handgun permit, which is restricted upon being convicted of a felony. If the ten year automatic restoration timeframe has not passed, or in order to fully restore your rights, you must obtain an expungement. 

    LA. R.S. 40:1379.3(C) lists the requirements to be eligible for a concealed handgun permit in Louisiana. A person convicted of a felony offense becomes eligible for a concealed handgun permit if (a) 10 years have passed since the completion of the sentence, and (b) the conviction is expunged. A person is never eligible if convicted of a crime of violence listed in R.S. 14:2(B), regardless of whether the offense is expunged or not. 

What You Need to Do to Get Rid of Your Record

If you are tired of having a criminal record hold you back, reach out to us by taking our Secure Eligibility Test or by giving us a call at (844) 947-3732. Our law firm has helped thousands of people with criminal records move on in life, leaving many of the negative effects of a criminal record behind. Our experienced attorneys and legal staff are here to help you figure out what criminal record clearing services best fit your needs, and then help you accomplish your goals. Using our secure, confidential Eligibility Test is the best way to get the process started.

Some of the potential benefits of expunging your criminal record in Louisiana include:

  • Removing a finding of guilt from your criminal record to help you get a better job
  • Becoming eligible for professional licenses you previously did not qualify for
  • Restoring your Second Amendment Right to bear arms
  • No longer being treated as a felon
  • Increased eligibility for student loans, housing assistance, and government programs
  • Improving your ability to obtain higher-paying job opportunities
  • Improving access and admission to college and other educational resources

Each of Louisiana’s methods for dealing with your criminal record have different requirements and are meant for different circumstances. To move forward, it’s important to determine which Louisiana criminal record services are available to you, and then select the services that will provide the greatest benefit. Eastman Meyler, PC is here to help you navigate this very specific area of Louisiana criminal law, fight to protect your rights, and assist you in moving forward in life without the effects of a Louisiana criminal record.

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